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Organisation Chart


1. The Department shall comprise of the followings officals:

i) Additional Chief Secretary = 1 (one) number
ii) Principal Secretary/ Secretary = 1 (one) number
iii) Additional Secretary/ Joint secretary = 1 (one) number
iv) Deputy Secretaries = 2 (two) numbers
v) Officer on Special Duty (OSD) = 1 (one) number – deputed from Chief Minister’s Secretariat.
vi) Financial Advisor (FA) = 1 (one) number – deputed from Finance Department
vii) Public Relations Officer (PRO) = 1 (one) number – deputed from Information & Public Relations Department
viii) Senior Research Officer = 1 (one) number
ix) Research Officers = 2 (two) numbers
x) Senior Stenographers = 2(two) numbers
xi) Superintendent = 1 (one) number

(2) The Department shall house a Think Tank – comprising eminent thinkers and policy-makers for guidance in matters of course of action. However, the role of the Think Tank shall be advisory, and it shall not be mandatory on the part of the Department to accept the advice of the Think Tank.

(3) The Department shall also have a Research and Development (R&D) Team – comprising the following personnel:

i) OSD deputed from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.
ii) The Senior Research Officer and the 2 (two) numbers Research Officers of the Department.
iii) External Consultants – if deemed necessary by the Seniormost Secretary of the Department.