Goals Goals

Goals for CM's Vision for Women & Children - 2016

Goal #1 Goal 1:            Reduction in infant mortality rate to 38 per 1000 live birth

Goal #2 Goal 2:            Reduction in maternal mortality rate to 210 per 100000 live births

Goal #3 Goal 3:            Reduction of total fertility rate to 2.1

Goal #4 Goal 4:            Improving child sex ratio by 30 points (987)

Goal #5 Goal 5:            Reduction in percentage of anaemia in children (6-35 months old) by 45 percent to 42 percent

Goal #6 Goal 6:            Reduction in percentage of anaemia among women (15-49 years) by 45 percent to 40 percent

Goal #7(A) Goal 7(A):        Reducing in percentage of underweight children (0-5 years) by 30 percent to 25 percent.

Goal #7(B) Goal 7(B):        Reducing percentage of girls marrying before 18 years by 50 percent to 11 percent

Goal #8 Goal 8:            100 Percent enrolment of girls upto class VIII

Goal #9(A) Goal 9(A):        Reduction of dropout rates by 50% of the present level in 14 districts (which are above state average) by year 2014-15.

Goal #9(B) Goal 9(B):        Achievement of 100% Gross enrollment ratio of girls (age group of 14-15 years) from current 52.4% in secondary levels by 2017

Goal #10 Goal 10:          33 Percent reservation for women in all skill development programmes of government

Goal #11 Goal 11:          To bring the child labourers into the educational mainstream

Goal #12(A) Goal 12(A):      Creation of a women's cell with adequate women staff in every police station of the state

Goal #12(B) Goal 12(B):      Zero tolerance to women and child trafficking, witch hunting through strengthening the existing antitrafficking units in the districts

Goal #13(A) Goal 13(A):      10 Lakh women to be empowered through 1 lakh exclusive women shgs and 10,000 village federations under the national rural livelihood mission

Goal #13(B) Goal 13(B):      Incentivisation to gaon panchayats through annual self assessment by gaon panchayat for 50% women attendance out of total attendance of each gram sabha in at least 4 gram sabha

Goal #14 Goal 14(A):      Providing access to individual household sanitary toilets in all rural habitations

Goal #15 Goal 14(B):      Providing safe drinking water sources in all rural habitations

Goal #15 Goal 15:          Enabling women friendly work places

Goal #16 Goal 16:          Reduce the rate of stamp duty and registration fees to 5 percent in case of male (3+2), 4 percent in case of joint registration(2+2) and 3 percent (2+1) in case of female registration only