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SLPO stands for "Secretariat Less Paper Office". It basically deals with the system of file management. In many cases a file has to undergo a workflow for any sort of approval. SLPO is used to automate the process of file transfer so that the tedious and voluminous work can be reduced . The intention behind developing SLPO is to decrease the time, easy management of files so that file tracking becomes easy and to follow a specific workflow of approval of contents of a file. Documents – including letters and other forms, which includes pamphlets, offers and quotes, invitations, government notices – are available and are generated within the organization as well as from outside the organization.


Depending on the subject matter or projects, these are classified and kept in a physical folder for ease of access, retrieval and working. In any government or semi-government setup, files have another section called the Note Sheet section, where notings are available on works done or to be done related to documents in the file. Notings act as a tag for referencing the subject available in a particular document in a file.A file starts with a paper under correspondence (PuC). Once a correspondence is received by a Department, it is put up to the concerned authority in a DAK-PAD. After, the authority goes through the same, he may just initial the Dak, or put certain comments on its body or even mark it to some other authority. If marked to some other authority, the Dak would be give one ISSUE No. & Date and sent by Diary to the concerned official where it would be another DAK and the process ensues.