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NO. AAP 288/2011/25






Dated Dispur, the 13th February, 2012.




Sub : Submission of Annual Property Return by Assam Civil Service officers.


It is observed that the members of the Assam Civil Services are not submitting their property returns to the Government in spite of repeated requests from the cadre controlling authority despite clear provision in the Assam Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1965 according to which every government servant shall on his first appointment to any service or post and thereafter at such intervals as may be specified by the Government submit a return of his assets and liabilities, in such from as may be prescribed by Government with full particulars.


II) It has been thereafter decided that all the members of the Assam Civil Service shall submit their Annual Property Returns henceforth regularly latest by 31st January every year


III) It has also been decided that Assam Civil Service officers who do not submit the property returns / Assets & Liabilities statements in time would be denied vigilance clearance and will not be considered for promotion, empanelment for senior level post under the Government, deputation to foreign services, permission for foreign tour, permission for availing bank loan and NOC for obtaining Indian Passport.


IV) It is also reiterated that non submission of Asset & Liabilities statement and Immovable Property Return statement will be recorded against the column " Integrity" in the ACR beside initiating disciplinary action against the officer concerned for violating provision of the Assam Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1965.


V) The Annual Immovable Property Returns submitted by the members of the Assam Civil Services cadre will be placed in the public domain/Government website.


Against this backdrop, it is once again requested that each and every member of Assam Civil Services shall submit their Annual Property Return as on 31st December every year regularly latest by 31st January each year.



Sd/- Rajiv Kumar Bora

Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Assam

Personnel(A), etc Departments




Memo No. AAP288/2011/25-A Dated Dispur,the 13th February, 2012

Copy to :

1) All Principal Secretaries/Commissioner & Secretaries of all Administrative Departments

2) All Commissioner of Divisions

3) All Deputy Commissioners/SDO( C )

4) All ACS officers


By order etc,.


(Dr. Deepak Majumdar)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of Assam

Personnel (A) Department