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Scheme  Achievement 11th Plan - 2006-07 to 2011-12 Scheme Achievement 11th Plan - 2006-07 to 2011-12

Entrepreneurship Development Schemes:-

a) Assam Rural ICT Livelihood Framework : Initiative has been taken to help the farmers by using ICT in various fields. During the year 2011-12, a project for soil health testing and online delivery of the reports through the (Common Service Centres) CSCs have been initiated. In the first phase 60 villages through 10 nos CSCs have been covered under the scheme. The training of Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) of the CSCs have been completed.

b) PC to Needy Institutions : In Assam there are many voluntary organizations, educational institutions, Self Help Groups (SHGs), NGOs etc., which are devoting their effort for the development of the society. It has been observed that most of these organizations have resource constraints and depends on assistance from various funding agencies to execute their developmental projects, plans, and schemes etc. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012), 310 Nos. Desktop PC along with accessories have been provided to various Civil Society Organizations and educational institutions.

ICT Infrastructure Development:-


4(a) Augmentation and maintenance of SWAN PoP buildings

The ASWAN network connects all the Block Head Quarter (BHQ) and Sub Divisional Head Quarter (SDHQ) to the District HQ and finally to the State Secretariat (SHQ) at Guwahati, through terrestrial leased lines from different service provider. Network Nodes are designated as Point Of Presence (POPs). Out of the total 304 SWAN PoP sites approved for the state, the civil and electrical works for 290 SWAN PoP have been completed till now and 267 PoPs have been commissioned with connectivity so far. During the year 2011-12, a new scheme was launched for augmentation of PoP buildings across the state with dedicated power supply line, up gradation of building in terms of boundary wall, provision of approach road, elevated buildings in the flood prone areas, service connection for dedicated power etc. During the year 2011-12 sanction have been received for installation of individual service connection from ASEB to 7(seven)SWAN PoP sites. Out of which works for 4 units have been completed and works are in progress in remaining 3 units.

4(b). ASWAN horizontal connectivity

The ASWAN network will connect all the Block Head Quarter (BHQ) and Sub Divisional Head Quarter (SDHQ) to the District HQ and finally to the State Secretariat (SHQ) at Guwahati, through terrestrial leased lines from different service provider. Network Nodes are designated as Point Of Presence (POPs). It is proposed to connect about 2500 offices across the State in the horizontal mode. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period (2007-2012), 508 nos Govt. of Assam Offices have been connected horizontally at the State, Districts and Block level with OFC/RF.

Assam Knowledge Network:-

This would be a pan Assam DWDM Optic Network (ADON) based on OFC spread across the nook and corners of the State connecting all main towns and locations and touching all the PoPs with atleast 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps of backbone to begin with. It would be mostly overhead ADSS OFC laid on ASEB transmission lines. This would form the backbone. From the backbone, there would be a network of radio towers to relay to remote and inaccessible locations. The network would have capacity to send voice, data, video and TV signals at the same time. IT would be also be shared with telecoms operators to provide basic telecoms services in remote areas. During the year 2011-12, initiative has been taken for connecting 23 district libraries and 7 rural libraries. RFP for procuring the equipment will be released shortly.

Assam Knowledge Cloud-

Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This would enable all the education institutions, colleges, universities in the State along with students in remote areas, teachers and researchers to to be able to get access to computational resources and IT applications at their disposal at a very very low costs. Rural educated youth would be able to host their applications and websites through this infrastructure for marketing of their products.

During the year 2011-12 initiative has been taken for developing cloud computing infrastructure. 70% progress has been made so far.

ICT for Colleges of Assam

Under ICT for Colleges scheme, it is proposed to povide IT infrastructure, high speed connectivity, access to the Assam Knowledge Cloud to the degree colleges of the State. The Computer lab equipped with 50 sets of PC would be provided in the colleges. The teaching staff will be trained. This would be one time infrastructure. The maintenance and running would be locally met by the colleges on subscription model in consulation with the universities. During the year 2011-12, initiative has been taken for developing ICT infrastructure in 30 colleges. Tendering process for procuring equipment already been started.

Assam Geospatial Infrastructure

Geospatial infrastructure is the backbone of the geospatial data creation, handling and sharing. An infrastructure consisting of high end hardwares, software and skilled manpower is needed to create and handle geospatial data. Apart from creation of the geospatial database, sharing of this database through Internet or Intranet requires high end servers and customized application development. A central GIS web portal server is proposed to be hosted in the upcoming State Data Centre (SDC) where the government departments will upload and share their geo-spatial data among themselves which will boost the decision making processes significantly. All satellite data available with various government departments is also proposed to be uploaded in a separate server connected with dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN). The information hosted in the server will be protected by security and privilege and will be available to authorized officials only. On the other hand, some unrestricted data can be made available in the public domain as well. Data uploaded in the web portal can also be linked to the NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) portal in near future as per policy of the Govt. of India. During the year 2011-12 initiative has been taken developing Geospatial infrastructure and data creation for the Dimoria Dev. Block, Kamrup(M) district. Work orders for procuring satellite images and equipment have been issued. Survey work will be started shortly.

International Internet Gateway at Guwahati

Assam does not have very good Internet connectivity. All the current traffic is regulated via Siliguri which is prone to disruption. Further, this has led to lack of investment in the State in the IT sector. It is proposed to bring international Internet bandwidth from the SE-ME-WE4 landing station at Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh to Guwahati. During the year 2012-13, initiative has been taken for survey of the OFC route from Coxbazar, Bangladesh to Guwahati and ICT Infrastructure development.

Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme(RGCLP):-

Under Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme (RGCLP), computer education is given free of cost to the students of class-V to class-X of the Government schools. The project is at present running in 1610 Higher Secondary/ High School and High Madrassas of Assam benefiting more than 10,00,000 students every year. During 2012-13, this scheme is transferred to Education Deptt. from the Information Technology Deptt.

Mukhya Mantri Tathya Prajukti Prashikshan Aru Niyog Achoni :-

The Government of Assam is conscious of the employment potential of the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) sector, and, therefore, is desirous of empowering the educated youth of the state with the requisite skills which are comparable with the best in the country, to enable them to take up the highly demanding jobs in the ICT sector in the country. The IT Department has launched the Mukhya Mantri Tathya Prajukti Prashikshan Aru Niyog Achoni with an aim of providing, firstly, requisite training to the educated unemployed youth in the market oriented skills and secondly providing them job opportunities in the best of the IT/ITeS companies in the country. IT and ITeS training imparted to 1025 unemployed educated youths out of which 488 youths have got employment in different IT/ITeS industries of the country so far.

Promotion of Information Technology

The IT Department undertakes various promotional schemes from time to time such as e-Governance training for Capacity Building, one time support to entrepreneurs, creating of publicity media, advertisements, information pamphlets and brochures etc. to promote Information Technology in the state. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period (2007-2012), 100 nos Desktop PC have been provided to 100 Madrassa,

IT Policy Implementation

The IT environment of the state has improved considerably during last few years, and the confidence of the IT investors have also been increased. The IT Deptt. has notified a new IT Policy of Assam vide Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification No.: IT.91/2004/384 Dtd. 4th August, 2009 offering attractive industrial packages to the investors. In the IT Policy 2009, provision has been made for the women and differently abled persons, subsidies for the up & coming IT & ITeS entrepreneurs of the state etc. Operational Guidelines of the IT Policy of Assam'2009 have been prepared and submitted to different departments for their vetting.

During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period (2007-2012), sanction have been received for establishment of 1 Rural Call Centre and 3 Training Centres. Out of which 1 Rural Call Centre at Sonapur and 2 Training Centres at North Guwahati and Amingaon have been established. Work in progress in the remaining Training Centre at Mirza.

Assam Online Portal & Secretariat Less Paper Office in Assam Secretariat

In order to make the Govt. efficient and transparent and to deliver the services to the citizens (G2C services) online, Information Technology deptt. has implemented the Assam Online and Secretariat Less Paper Office. During Eleventh Five Year Plan period the following progress have been made-

1. Servers and Networking equipments were installed in the Assam Secretariat.
2. A Training Centre at Block-A of the Assam Secretariat has already been established for imparting training to the employees.
3. Laptops, Desktop PC, Terminals, Printers, Scanners have been procured.
4. Secretariat LAN at all the Blocks of Secretariat have been completed.
5. Inter connectivity between all the Blocks have been completed through underground OFC.
6. 80% of the Software modules for delivery of services have been completed so far.
7. 20 Fonts in Assamese, Bengali and Hindi have now been made available freely.
8. The Mini SDC has been set up at AMTRON for application testing which would be fully functional October' 2012.

Construction of Building for State Data Centre

As a part of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), the State of Assam has been awarded a State Data Center categorized as large SDC in response to the Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted to the Deptt. of IT, Govt. of India. Accordingly Govt. of India sanctioned the project amounting to Rs. 49.04 Crores for the State of Assam. Accordingly the Govt. of Assam has constructed a new building for the Data Center at the Assam Secretariat Complex. The State Public Works Deptt. has almost completed the construction of the building.

Seminars, workshops & roadshows

The seminars, workshops & roadshows are required to be organized locally within the State, in major IT cities in India and abroad with a view to enhance the presence of the state in international fora, and increase the acceptability of the state for investment in IT/BPO sectors. These are activities targeted to create awareness in the vast populace in the state, attract attention of IT and related industries within and outside the state, educate and provide exposure to the vast manpower base of the Government employees, motivate the educated unemployed youth and energize the entrepreneurs of the state.

National e-Governance Plan

The Information Technology Department has taken up various initiatives under the National e Governance Programme (NeGP) of Govt. of India. There are schemes like 1) State Wide Area Network (SWAN) 2) Capacity Building 3) Common Service Centre(CSC) 4) State Data Centre(SDC) 5) State Portal & State Services Delivery Gateway(SP&SSDG) 6) Roll out of e-District project. All the above schemes are in advanced stages of implementation. Out of the approved 4375 Common Service Centres, 3881Nos. Common Services Centers (CSCs) have already been set up in different parts of the state. The I.T. Deptt. has notified 15 G2C services.

Electronic delivery of these 15G2C services have also been started in the Goalpara & Sonitpur district under e District project of Information Technology Deptt., Govt. of India. Assam Citizen Service (Electronic Governance) Rules have been framed and submitted to the different Government departments for vetting.

Out of the approved 304 Point of Presence )PoP) under Assam State Wide Area Network scheme, civil and electrical works have been completed in 290 sites and 267 PoPs have been commissioned with connectivity. The construction of State Data Centre building at the Assam Secretariat Complex has been started by PWD, Govt. of Assam on June'2010 and 85% progress have been made so far. The SDC is likely to become functional by the end of 2012.

ICT Infrastructure Development

IT Park The IT Department initiated an ambitious scheme for setting up of an IT Park at a plot of land measuring about 100 Acres at Bangara Village near LGBI Airport under Palashbari Revenue Circle of Kamrup district.
a)The process of land acquisition have been started by the District Administration, Kamrup. The site is likely to be handed over shortly.
b)M/S Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd. have been appointed as the consultant for the IT Park. The other consortium partners are MIS North Eastern Development Finance Corporation, (NEDFi) , Guwahati and M/S Holistic Urban Innovation Ltd., Kolkata.
c)The process of selection of a suitable developer for developing the IT Park in PPP mode, national competitive bidding process is going on.

Schemes of 12th Plan - 2012-13 to 2017-18 Schemes of 12th Plan - 2012-13 to 2017-18

Select Scheme:

Strengthening of CSCs

As on date it has been observed that awareness about the CSCs amongst the Govt. functionaries is very low at all spheres. In order to sensitize the govt. functionaries and citizens about the CSC scheme and to enable them taking a decision on providing various Government to Citizen and Government to businesses services through CSC, necessary steps may be initiated. Further, to strengthen the CSCs network, provision of awards, incentives, financial assistance in special cases, assisting the VLEs with network and power in remote and inaccessible areas are some of the works proposed to be undertaken during the 12th Plan.

Rural BPO Training Hubs

It is proposed to set up Rural BPO centeres with an fixed investment of Rs. 200 lakh each including civil building/ electrical infrastructure, power back up, IT systems and connectivity to be run on PPP mode in association with reputed industry partners who would bring their expertise in building the manpower in rural areas for the IT sector. The educated youth and students shall get industry grade infrastructure and environment for training and apprenticeship. The PPP operators would also bring BOP business and create employment opportunities in the rural areas.

IT Skill Development of Women

This scheme specifically targets the women of the State to enable them to be IT literate. Women who are unable to take up jobs in the IT sector due to lack of training, and also women who are self employed especially in SHGs would also require exposure to ICT.

IT Skill Development of Socially and Economically Weaker Sections

This scheme specifically targets the SC/ ST/ OBC/ MOBC/ Minority communities of the State to enable them to be IT literate. Especial emphasis would be given in rural areas for training of the educated youth so that they can become employable.

IT Skills Development of Farmers and Artisans

This scheme specifically targets the farmers and artisans of the State to enable them to be IT literate. This will help the farmers and artisans to make use of ICT in their decision making, sale and purchase, transacting with markets outside their physical reach, just to mention a few of the benefits.

IT Skill Assessment

This scheme specifically targets educated youth, especially in the rural areas who are looking for employment. Industry standard certification and assessment such as NASSCOM NAC tests shall enable to join the mainstream IT industry with ease. The assessments are proposed to be performed in association with industry associations such as NASSCOM.

Creation of Public Service Information Dissemination Systems

It is proposed to create systems such as call centres, SMS based information dissemination systems, public opinion polls, and linkages through the CSCs networks for delivery of public services including development and deployment of common infrastructure such as common applications and requisite gateways.

e-District Roll out

The Govt. of Assam has already implemented e-District pilot in two districts of Sonitpur and Goalpara. The Govt. of Assam has also submitted the scheme for state wide roll out. However, several components especially networks in the block and circle offices, additional compute infrastructure, site preparation costs would be required to be borne under the State support. The cost of the core components and infrastructure would however be borne by the Govt. of India.

GIS based Resource Mapping

For a better implementation of plan schemes in the state, especially in the rural areas and implementation of welfare schemes, it is very difficult to get the snapshot of the infrastructure created on the ground. It is proposed that through the network of CSCs, where a cluster of six villages would be fully mapped under GIS platform, and all data collection would continuously happen through the CSC network. The data from these villages would also be regularly updated from the same network.

ESDM Cluster Development

The growing convergence of information, communication and entertainment has given a new impetus to the Electronics Hardware Sector. Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) comprises of five sub-sectors namely: Industrial Electronics, Computers and peripherals, Communication & Broadcast Equipment, Strategic Electronics and Components and Consumer Electronics. There are certain advantages in setting up of ESDM such as pollution free environment, low temperature variation and dust free environment. However, due to high transportation and inventory costs, large manufacturing has not been able to take place in the State. It is now proposed to develop cluster based approach and target high value and low volume electronics such as systems design, VLSI, LED, logic cards etc.

e-Waste Project

There is a large number of computers and peripherals, telecom and mobile and computer consumables waste which is being generated in huge quantities. It is estimated that there are about 10 lakh computer systems in the State. Since the systems gets outdated in a period of 3-4 years, it creates a huge amount of e-waste. It is proposed to undertake a e-waste project for disposal of such substances at Guwahati under PPP mode. The Ministry of environment & Forests, Govt. of India would be providing a corpus of Rs. 20.00 crore. The cost of land, project development, basic infrastructure such as water and power is proposed to be met from the State exchequer.

Research and Development in IT

The State has a good number of Technological Institutes and universities to generate a sizable amount of technologists necessary for product design and prototype development, if adequate infrastructures could be provided in terms of labs, equipment, training and grants etc. Some of the emerging fields are computational biology, molecular informatics, local language research, power electronics, security and surveillance, and communications. It is proposed to create a series of R&D projects in product development and front line research in the State.

Promotion of FOSS

Free and Open source Software and Open standards have been adopted as a matter of policy by the Govt. of Assam under para 3.12 of the IT Policy of Assam, 2009. Free software focuses on the philosophical freedoms it gives to users, whereas open source software focuses on the perceived strengths of its peer-to-peer development model. Its adoption the Govt. of Assam has resulted in savings to the tune of several crore of rupees by the various departments. However to spread the free software training and awareness, promotion activities and certain research and development activities to fill the gap in technologies are required to be carried out. The savings, however, far outweigh the expenditure. For example the savings that resulted in the AOP-SLPO project by using FOSS was more than of Rs. 3.5 crore. For promotion of FOSS in India Department of Information Technology, Government of India was take an initiative to establishment of National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) in Chennai in April 2005 for bridging the digital divide as well as strengthening the Indian Software industry. A similar resource centre may be established in the State for R&D activities to contribute to the growth of FOSS in this region. Further, it is proposed to undertake development (R&D), training and promotional activities under FOSS in the 12th Plan to enlarge the ambit of the FOSS deployment in the State and benefit from the resulting savings.

Strengthening and Capacity Building AEDC and AIIL

The Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON) is a wholly owned undertaking of the Govt. of Assam established in 1984. It is the State Nodal IT Agency and advices the Govt. of Assam on IT matters. It also acts as quasi directorate of the IT Department. AMTRON has floated a wholly owned subsidiary by the name of Amtron Informatics (India) Ltd (AIIL). It is proposed to built capacities and infrastructure of these two institutions so that better professional services may be provided by these institutions. Assistance may be provided by building, procuring technologies, DoT licenses for telecom operations and investments required to get new technologies and poof of concepts etc. The proposal also includes the cost of vehicles for the Corporation/ IT Department and the amount to be paid to AMTRON as per the PAC observations on the 33rd National Games.

Detailed Progress Report Detailed Progress Report

Select Scheme:

Workshop, Seminars, Roadshows


Expenditure Statement of Workshop, Seminars, Roadshows etc. participated by IT Department, Govt of Assam from 2006-07
Year Event Venue Date Expenditure Total Expenditure
2006-07 Infocom 2003 Kolkata 16th to 19th November, 2003 11,40,000.00  
Infocom 2004 Kolkata 1st to 5th December, 2004  
NICT 2005 Guwahati 1st and 2nd September, 2005 8,00,000.00  
IITF 2005 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2005 8,00,000.00  
NICT 2006 Guwahati   8,00,000.00  
2007-08 IITF 2006 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2006 7,00,000.00  
2008-09 NICT 2007 Guwahati August 30th & 31st , 2007 8,00,000.00  
2009-10 NICT 2008 Guwahati August 28th & 29th , 2008 8,00,000.00  
INDIASOFT 2009 Kolkata 26th & 27th February, 2009 5,69,968.00  
IITF 2007 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2007 9,72,958.00  
2010-11 IITF 2008 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2008 7,04,560.00  
IITF 2009 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2009 5,73,974.00  
INDIASOFT 2010 Jaipur 10th to 12th March, 2010 2,30,661.00  
IT Biz 2009 Bangalore 11th to 13th November, 2009 6,76,609.00  
NICT 2009 Guwahati 27th & 28th August, 2009 8,00,000.00  
5th North East Business Summit 2010 Kolkata 8th & 9th January, 2010 3,00,000.00  
6th Assocham National Summit 2009 New Delhi 30th September 2009 2,00,000.00  
2011-12 7th Assocham National Summit 2010 New Delhi 27th August, 2010 1,00,000.00  
IITF 2011 New Delhi 14th to 27th November, 2011 8,00,000.00  
ISA Vision Summit 2012 Bangalore 6th & 7th February, 2012 1,00,000.00  
Total Expenditure Incurred from 2006-07 to 2011-12: 1,18,68,730.00      

Annual Plan 2012-13 Outlay Annual Plan 2012-13 Outlay


The Annual Plan (2012-13) Outlays


The broad outlines of the various projects/schemes which are to be taken up by the Department of Information Technology in the Annual Plan 2012-13 are as below.



Name of the Schemes

Annual Plan


Amount in

Rs. & Lakh


Employment Generation Scheme



a) Mukhya Mantri Tathya Prajukti Prashikshan Aru Niyog




ICT Infrastructure Development



a). Augmentation and maintenance of SWAN PoP buildings



b). ASWAN Horizontal Connectivity ( state own OFC)



c). Establishment of IT Park



Promotion of Information Technology



IT Policy Implementation



e Governance initiatives



a). Assam Online Portal & Less Paper Office in Assam




b). Construction of Building for State Data Center



Seminar, Workshops and Road-shows



Strengthening of CSCs



Assam Rural IT Mission



a). Assam Knowledge Network



b). Assam Knowledge Cloud



c). Assam Geospatial Infrastructure



d). Rural BPO Centres



e). Assam Rural ICT Livelihood Framework



f). IT Skill Development of Women



g). IT Skill Development of Socially and Economically

Weaker Sections



h). IT Skill Development of farmers and artisans



I). IT Skills Assessment



Public Service Delivery Framework



a). Creation of Public Service Information Systems



b). Implementation of AOP-SLPO in Directorates



c). e-District Roll out



d). GIS based Resource Mapping



ICT for Colleges



Look East Policy Framework



a). International Internet Gateway at Guwahati



b). Public Data Center at Guwahati



c). ESDM Cluster Development



d). e-Waste Project



Research & Development in IT



Promotion of FOSS



Strengthening and Capacity Building of AEDC Ltd and AIIL



National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)