Best time to Visit

Assam has four well defined seasons in a year - summer, monsoon, winter and spring which present Assam in different moods.Summer starts from mid May and has high humidity and rainfall. This is followed by the monsoons during June, when there are heavy showers and thunderstorms, called Bordoicella, which mark the afternoons. Spring and autumn has moderate temperature and rainfall, whereas winter starts from October and lasts till February. October to April is considered the best time to visit Assam as these months offer a mild and moderate climate with pleasant and sunny days and cool nights. Assam is never extremely cold or hot though during December and January night time temperatures may fall to single digit numbers.

What to wear in Assam

While deciding how to dress up in Assam, keep in mind the season prevalent in the state as well. Summers usually tend to be hot and humid, with the mercury rising to about 30-35 degree Celsius. So, light cotton clothes will be the best option in this season.Also ensure that you apply ample of sunscreen, to avoid getting a tan. Umbrellas and raincoats are also a must-have, as summers are sometimes overlapped by heavy showers. Winters are mild and light woolen clothes can be used. A wide variety of woolen clothes can be purchased from the local shops at very low prices and thus, a heavy travel bag can be avoided

Travel Tips

Plan the trip during the winter or autumn season. Summer is very humid and travel during this time should be usually avoided.
The travel tickets, hotels or lodges should be booked and confirmed beforehand, so as to avoid any confusion later.
Carry traveller's cheques, instead of cash. This is a safer option while travelling in crowded areas.
It is advisable not to stay out after dark and especially in areas that are isolated or secluded.
It is always wise to hire tourist guides registered either with the Government or any recognized travel agency. The guide referred by your hotel will also be a good choice.