Secretariat Administration Department
Government of Assam

Overview of the Department :

The Secretariat Administration Department is mainly concerned with administration of the Assam Secretariat (Civil). It deals with the establishment matters of the officers and staff of the Assam Secretariat.

The functions of various branches/ cell of Secretariat Administration Department are indicated below:

  • Recruitment,posting and transfer, disciplinary proceedings etc. of all grade-IV/grade-III employees under Secretary Administration Department.
  • The establishment matters relating to Gazetted officers such as Superintendent, Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, belonging
    to Assam Secretariat Service.
  • The purchase/maintenance/allotment of vehicles to the council of ministers as well as officers.
  • The receipt and delivery of daks of various department of the Assam Secretariat.
  • The purchase of office stationeries, fax-machine, photocopies and office furniture.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the Secretariat building.
  • Duplicating, Roneo works of various department.
  • Maintaining and preserving the non-current public records of the state.
  • To prepare salary bills and disburse allowances of the Ministers, officers and staff of the Assam Secretariat, keeping of records of other contingency expenditures relating to the employees of the Assam Secretariat.  

Act and rules administered by the Department:

The acts and rules administered by the Secretariat Administration Department are mentioned below:

  • Assam Secretariat Service Rule, 1963
  • Assam Secretariat Subordinate Service rules, 1963
  • Assam Secretariat Grade-IV and Record Suppliers Service Rules, 1963
  • Assam Stenographers Service Rules, 1955
  • Assam Public Record Act, 2002
  • Assam State Archive (Gazetted) Service Rules, 2002
  • Assam State Archives(Non- Gazetted) Service Rule, 2008.

Branches of Secretariat Administration Department:

The Secretariat Administration Department comprises with the following Cells/ Branches:

  • Secretariat Administration (Estt) Branch.
  • Secretariat Administration (Issue) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Nazarat) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Records and Library) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Gazatted Cell) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Vehicle Cell ) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Accounts) Branch
  • Secretariat Administration (Duplicating ) Branch
  • Dak Section.