Q. What are the various types of communities in AOP?

A: Communities are of 3 types:

1.Open – anyone can join; membership is instant

2.Restricted - anyone can request membership; membership is upon Community Administrator's approval

3.Private – Membership is provided only by the Community Administrator at his behest


Q: How do I join a Community?

A: You can only join a community that is 'Open' or 'Restricted'

1.Click "Add" icon the Top Left corner of your Profile page

2.Add "My Communities" portlet from Communities

3.Select "Available Communities"

4.Click on Join / Request Membership



Q: How do I go to my private Profile page from AOP pages?

A: On the Top Right Corner, Click "Go To"---> "My Private Pages"



Q: Can I upload a Document to a Department Community from my Profile Page? If Yes, how?

A: No, You Cannot upload any Document to any Community other than your Private Profile unless the Community Administrator has given you explicit right to do so.


Q: How do I upload my Profile Picture?

A: To upload Your Profile Picture, click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and click on 'Upload Image'