Q: Which are the AOP modules that I have access to?

A: The AOP Accessibility Matrix provides the complete list of modules that are developed / under development with the your accessibility options.


Q:How do I gain access to a certain module?


1. Find ModuleTicker portlet on your private page

2. Click "Add/Remove Modules"

3. Choose the required module and Enter into the "Selected" window

4. Click "Submit"

5. Click on the Module icon


Q: How do I store a document in my AOP profile?


1.On the Top Left Corner Click "Add"

2.Click "Content Management"Add "Document Library " to your Profile Page

3.Now Browse and Add Documents to your Profile Document Library.


Q: How do I get the Latest News & Announcements from the AOP on my Profile Page


1.Click "Add" on the Top Left Corner of your Profile Page

2.Click "More"

3.Add "Announcements" from News to your Profile Page


Q: Can I get Latest World News on My AOP Private Page?


1.Add "RSS" Portlet to your Profile Page

2.Click on Configuration

3.Add the RSS url of your choice. Some leading RSS feeds of world news portal are: