Guwahati is the most important commercial centre of entire North East. The major economic activities of Guwahati are trade, commerce, transportation and various types of services. Guwahati is the most important trade hub in the North Eastern Region. The Largest tea Auction Centre is situated in this city as Assam is the largest tea production area in the world. Guwahati also contribute in the petroleum sector as a refinery of IOCL is situated in Noonmati, Guwahati. Tourism and recreation, education, research, cultural activities, etc. are also rapidly increasing and contributing to city as well as state economy. Numbers of manufacturing industries are established in recent years to boost the economy. Government has taken initiatives by conducting seminars, arranging fairs to encourage the people regarding Plastic industry, Tourism, Hotel, Maniram Dewan trade center is established to create awareness regarding various economic activities among the people of Assam. Overall the city contributes a major portion of the state's income. Shopping Mall Culture and Modern food joints (like Baskin and Robins, Subway, CCD, Dominos pizza etc) are some other activities in Guwahati which not only boost the economy but also generate number of vacancies in various sectors.


All most all centralized, private and international bank those are available in India are already setup their branches in Guwahati city like HDFC, AXIS, Yes Bank, HSBC, Standard Charted Bank, Overseas bank etc. Most important Reserve bank of India also opens a branch in the Guwahati city. Various company of information technology already open their branches in the Guwahati like TCS, HCL etc. SBI, Reserve bank of India and various other banks can exchange foreign currency if needed. In Governments initiatives lots of industries like coca cola are established in the recent year.