Destination Assam

 The history of travel has something of a hoary past. From the time when people travelled as pilgrims; then as explorers and adventurers; later as colonialists and imperialists – the traveller has indeed traversed a huge terrain. All of these forms of travel generated revenue in some form or the other. In modern parlance, travel – especially casual travel – is referred to as tourism. Tourism is one of the important economic activities in many countries worldwide. It is estimated that the tourism industry contributes more than 6 billion USD to the global revenue receipts and provides livelihood to about 6% of the world population.   more



Wild Life of Assam:

Discover the diverse wild life of Assam from rhinoceros to capped langur, from himalayan bear to pangolin , from jungle fowl to fishing eagle and many other migratory birds in the National Parks, Wild life Sanctuaries and Bird Sanctuaries of Assam.

National Parks | Wild life Sanctuaries | Bird Sanctuaries



Religious Places of Assam:

Learn more about the different temples,thans,satras,mosques and gurudwaras of Assam.

Temples | Thans | Sattras | Masjid & Gurudwara



Historical Monuments of Assam:

Explore the different historical momento,buildings and tamples from the Ahom era,cenotaph of Ahom Kings which are spread all over Assam

Architectural wonders of Ahom Kingdom | Madan Kamdev



Other Tourist Places of Assam:

Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden | Assam State Museum | Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra  |  Regional Science Center | Sualkuchi | Brass Metal Industry of Sarthebari | Haflong | Jatinga |  Chitralekha Udyan | Agnigarh | Da Parbatia |  Bhalukpung Gerukamukh Exclusive Assam Tea | Digboi-World's Oldest Oilfield