The State of Assam has a number of labour organisations or trade unions in the different industrial establishments.

    Tea Industry : The following employer's associations are functioning in tea industry of the State : (1)Assam Branch India Tea Association, (2)Assam Tea Planters' Association, (3) Bharatiya Chah Parisad, (4) Indian Tea Planters' As-sociation and (5)Assam Bengal India Tea Association. Of all these Employers' Associations,the Assam Branch India Tea Association calls for special mention.
The A.B.I.T.A was formed following a meeting hold at Kokilamukh on the 29th October,1989 and was originally called the Assam Velley Tea Association. The Assam Branch Indian Tea Association is divided into 16 circles which are grouped in the three zones as follows :-
Zone 1. Doom Dooma,Dibrugarh,Panitola,Tingri,Naharkatia and Moran.
Zone 2 . Sonari,Nazira,Jorhat and Golaghat.
Zone 3 . Nagaon,Biswanath,Tezpur,Barsala,Mangaldai and North Lakhimpur.
    Each circle is represented in the appropriate zone committee  and also on the general committee in which is vested management and control of the association's affairs. There is an executive sub-committee of the general committee to assist the chairman in arriving at decisions of matters of urgency when time does not permit of a reference  to the general committee. The Branch Chairman and also committee members are elected annually. The office of the Branch Secretary and Joint Secretary of Labour are at Dikom in Dibrugarh district. In each zone,there is Zone Secretary and an Additional Secretary ,their offices being located at Chaukhowa (zone 1),Cinnamara (zone 2) and Sonabeel Tea Estate (zone 3).
    The objective of the Association are to watch over and safeguard the interest of its members and labour employed on member estates. Close contact with the Government of Assam is maintained by the Association's adviser and with district officials by the zone stipendiary officers. There is also constant liaison with the parent Association,i.e.,Indian tea Association in Calcutta and with sister Associations elsewhere on matters of common interest. The association's stipendiary officers advise members on labour and other problems and assist them in negotiation with trade unions and in proceedings under the Industrial under the Industrial Dispute Act. The Association also represents members on various tripartite committees set up by the Government to advise on matters of labour policy.

2. The Assam Tea Planters Association is another employer's organisation in the State established to safeguard the interests of small tea growers. The headquarters of the Association are now at Jorhat. The formal inauguration of the Association was made in the year 1935 under the name of Assam Valley Tea Planter Association,but in 1947 when Sylhet was carved out of Assam,the name was shortened to Assam Tea Planter's Association.
    The aims and objects of the Association are (1)to promote the common interest of all persons concerned in the cultivation of tea in India particularly of  the tea planters of Assam and the welfare of the labour employed, (2) to keep in touch with Government in matters affecting the tea industry and (3)to maintain close association with the industry with the same or like objects in view and to ensure uniformity in all garden practices amongst the member estates.
    Generally,one tea estate is a member of one association but some gardens are members of more than one association. These associations are advisory bodies of their members and see to the interest of the members in matters of business,industrial relations and progress of the industry.
    Assam Chah Karmachari Sangha,Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha and Sramik Union are the organisation for employees functioning in the State. Assam Chah Kramachari Sangha is the organisation for staff other than the manual workers. It is affiliated to the Indian National Trade Union Congress. Its head office is located at Dibrugarh. Assam Chah Mazadoor Sangha is an organisation of the manual labourers and is also affiliated to Indian National Union Congress. Its head-office is also located at Dibrugarh. Besides these two associations,there are also branches of Bharatiya Chah Mazdoor Sangha affiliated to All India Trade Union Congress in some tea gardens of Assam and they are also working amongst the tea labourers. Cachar Sramik Union looks after the tea garden labourers of Cachar district.
    Besides the employers' associations in the tea industry there are only a few other employers' association in the State of Assam. The most important association are (1)the railway and Trading Company,Margherita Employer's' Organisation is affiliated to the (a)Indian Mining Association,Calcutta, (b)Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Calcutta, (c)Eastern India Tea Chest and Plywood Manufacturer's Association,Margherita, (d)Indian Plywood Manufactures' research Association,Banglore; (2) Assam Manufacturers' Associations, (3) All India Manufacturers'  Association , (4) Assam Rice and oil Mills Associa-tions, (5) Assam Chamber of Inter-State Carriers.
    Trade union activities are predominant in Assam. The workers of almost all factories and industrial establishments are organised as trade unions. Most of these are affiliated to Indian National Trade Union Congress or All India Trade Union Congress. However,there are few exceptions which claim to be independent of any affiliation to such bodies. The Indian national Trade Union Congress has branches all over Assam.
    There are many labour organisations in the State. The following are some of the important labour organisations :-

  1. The Assam Colliery Mazdoor Congress (affiliated to the INTUC), Boragoli.
  2. The Assam Coal Mines Workers' Unions, (affiliated to the AITUC)Ledo.
  3. The Assam Railways and Trading Company Workers' Union Margherita.
  4. The Lakhimpur District Brick Workers' Union Ledo.
  5. The A.B & T.Co. Mazdoor Union (affiliated to AITUC), Margherita.
  6. The Tezpur Oil & Rice Mills Mazdoor Sangha with their respective of fices at Tezpur (affiliated to Indian National Trade Union Congress).
  7. The Darang Mill Mazdoor Union,Tezpur.
  8. Tezpur Industrial Employee's Union, (affiliated to Indian National Trade Union Congress).
  9. Makunda Sramik Union,Cachar.
  10. Cachar Mills Workers' Union.
  11. Cachar District Biscuits Workers' Union,Banamali,Karimganj.
  12. The All Assam Nation Pictures Employees' Union.
  13. Assam Spun Mill Workers' Union,Jagiroad.
  14. Nagaon Zilla Mil Mazdoor Union.
  15. Assam Match Co-Sramik Sangha,Dhubri.
  16. Goalpara Zilla Bidi Workers' Union,Dhubri.
  17. Lower Assam Mill Mazdoor Sangha,Dhubri.
  18. AMCC Technicians' Union, Dhubri
  19. AMCO Staff Union, Dhubri.
  20. Dhubri Plywood Factory Mazdoor Union, Dhubri.
  21. Dhubri Jute Workers' Association.
  22. AMCO Employees' Union,Dhubri.
  23. Dhubri Press Workers' Union.
  24. Ashok Paper Mills Employees' Union,Jogighopa.
  25. Assam Tribune Employees; Union,Guwahati.
  26. Kamrup Mill Mazdoor Sangha,Guwahati.
  27. Assam State Electricity Supply Workers' Union,at Guwahati and Tezpur
  28. Assam State Electricity Employees' Union,Guwahati.
  29. Goalpara Zilla Electric Supply Workers'Union,Dhubri.
  30. Tezpur Electric Supply Employees' Association (affiliated to the INTUC).
  31. Kamrup Iron and Still Limited Workers' Union,Guwahati.
  32. Kamrup Industrial Workers' Union,Guwahati.
  33. Steel Worth Workers' union,Guwahati.
  34. Guwahati Engineering Workers' Union,Guwahati.
  35. Assam Khadi Board Workers' Union,Guwahati.
  36. Hume Pipe Line Workers' union,Amingaon .
  37. Kamrup Construction Workers' Union,Amingoan.
  38. Refinery Workers' Union, Noonmati,Guwahati.
  39. Assam petroleum Workers' Union,Guwahati.
  40. Tata Oil Mills and Associated Co.s Employees' Union,Guwahati.
  41. B.O.C. Pipe Line Workers' Union,Guwahati.

    There is also labour unions in the Assam Oil Company and the plywood factories of Upper Assam.