Update Date



19/07/2013 Beta v2.9
  • OCTMS Module
  • Amendment of Who's Who Portlet
03/06/2013 Beta v2.8
  • Acts Online
  • SMS Module
15/04/2013 Beta v2.7
01/04/2013 Beta v2.6
30/01/2013 Beta v2.5 Added G2G eForm: Online application for Examiner/Scrutiniser/Head Examiner of HSLC/AHM (SEBA)
25/01/2013 Beta v2.4
  • Improved User Registration functionalities, including email notification & Re-Captcha
  • 'Trouble Logging In' functionality
01/01/2013 Beta v2.3
30/10/2012 Beta v2.2
09/10/2012 Beta v2.1 Community for Tender Notifications
12/06/2012 Beta v2.0 CM Vision 2016 Monitoring Portal by Hon'ble CM Shri Tarun Gogoi
28/11/2011 Beta v1.7


Beta v1.5

Release of Personnel Department Community

24/02/2011 Beta v1.0 AOP launched by Hon'ble CM Shri Tarun Gogoi
15/01/2011 Beta v0.5 Disclosure of Assets of Council of Ministers and their Dependents