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The responsibility of the Department shall be to deal with the following objective-wise subjects:-

1. Connectivity
2.Trade & Industry
3. Tourism
4. People-to-People Relations
5. Educational Relations
6. Cultural Relations

1. Connectivity

1.A. Airways

>>Establishment and Maintenance of Direct Airlinks with ASEAN and BBN bloc countries
>>Upgradation of Guwahati Airport into a global airport, and upgradation and development of other existing airports of the State
>>Construction of new mega airport for Guwahati, as well as construction of green-field airports across the State.

1.B. Roadways

>>Development of Mainland India – Bangladesh – North East India (MI-B-NEI) Corridors
>>Development of Road Access to Chittagong Port and other ports
>>Development of Road Access to South East Asia
>>Development of Internal Road Structure in Assam to complement the Road Access to and through South and South East Asia

1.C. Waterways

>>Development of access to Chittagong, Mongla, and Sittwe Ports through Inland Waterways
>>Development of Port Townships/ Hubs
>>Development of night navigation facilities on Brahmaputra & Barak Rivers
>>Kaladan Project

1.D. Railways

>>Railway Connectivity to Border Towns
>>Railway Connectivity with and through Bangladesh
>>Railway Connectivity with and through ASEAN countries
>>Railway Connectivity with and through China

1.E. Information-ways(I-Way)

>>Digital Connectivity from Cox Bazar Landing Station (CLS)

2. Trade & Industry

2.A.Trade & Commerce

>>Lifting of Tariff and Non-Tariff Trade Barriers
>>Strengthening of Border Trade Centres/ Integrated Check Posts
>>Motor Vehicle Agreements


>>Industrial Development of North Eastern Region vis-à-vis Act East Policy
>>MSME Clusters

2.C.Logistics of Logistics & Background Infrastructure

>>Development of Logistics
>>Development of Multi-Modal Logistic Hubs
>>Development of Air Cargo Terminal at Guwahati Airport
>>Development of Act East Cities

2.D.Other Vistas of Economic Cooperation

>>Hydro-electricity and Solar Power
>>Investment of East and South East Asian Companies
>>Investment in South and South East Asian Countries
>>Handicrafts and Textiles
Other Avenues of Cooperation

3. Tourism

3.A. Establishment of Mutual Tourism
3.B. Medical Tourism

4. People-to-People Relations

4.A. Opening of the Consulates of ASEAN and BBN bloc countries in Guwahati
4.B. Easy Visa Regime and Relaxation of Restricted Area Permit (RAP) provisions for ASEAN and BBIN countries.
4.C. Pravasi Asomiya (Non-Resident Assamese/ Assamese Diaspora) Matters
4.D. Front Desks of Assam in ASEAN and BBN Countries
4.E. Recalibration of Foreign Policy
4.F. Press Relations

5. Educational Relations

5.A. Ties between Universities
5.B. Technical Collaboration
5.C. Student Exchange Programmes
5.D. Topical Seminars & Workshops
5.E. Chapter of South Asian University in Assam
4.F. Press Relations

6. Cultural Relations

6.A. Exchange of Cultural Troupes
6.B. Joint Celebration of Festivals
6.C. Research into Common Culture with ASEAN and BBN countries
6.D. Tai Connect