Madan Kamdev Temple



Madan Kamdev is an enigma, a mystery, a marvel which speaks about ancient Kamrup. Scattered all around the Dewangiri hillock with an idyllic back drop of green hills and flowing rivulets, are griffins, nymphs, dancing fairies, gods and goddesses in cosmic evolutions, walls, pillars, lintels and door frames decorated with flowers, animals, Kalpa-vriksha (the tree of fulfillment), six sided Bhairava, four headed Siva, Demons, Serpents and men, women and animals in every conceivable erotic posture, all in ruins of gigantic proportion - that is Madan Kamdev.

 It is belived that Kama or Madan, the God of Love was reborn in this place after being turned into ashes by the angry Lord Siva.Some scholars think that Madan was reborn and united with his wife Rati upon this tiny hillock. According to some other historians it is a romantic association as numerous erotic sculptures are found here. Madan Kamdev belongs to the Pala Dynasty, between 10th to 12th centuries A.D.
The ruins are believed to be the remains of more than 20 temples dedicated to Lord Siva. It is believed that perhaps this was the finest medieval temple ever built in the entire Brahmaputra Valley.  Perhaps there is no place in India except Khajuraho and Konark, where the basic weaknesses of mortals caught in fear, doubt, love, jealousy and consummate passion have been so eloquently expressed.

Madan Kamdev is almost 40 kilometers away from Guwahati and 3 kilometers from Baihata Chariali on National Highway 52. One can reach here by road.For information and accommodation one can visit Yatri Niwas, Madan Kamdev, Kamrup.