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The Governor
Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik


Personal Information

Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik was born at Rameswar, Puri, in the State of Orissa on January 3, 1927.

His hobbies are swimming and travelling. He has special interest in studying History, Political Science, Literature and International affairs.

He has been associated with many literary and Cultural Organisations in Orissa. Shri Patnaik is widely travelled and has visited the United Kingdom, Germany, the UAE, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, USSR, Afghanistan, France, Italy and Israel.

He is the author of a biography on Gautam Buddha.

Academic Qualifications

After receiving his early education at Khurda High School, he graduated in Sanskrit (Honours) from the Utkal University in 1947 and received his Master's Degree in Political Science from the Banaras Hindu University in 1949.

On the conclusion of his University education, he

took up Journalism and joined the EASTERN TIMES as Sub-Editor.

He was also the Editor of PAURUSHA, a monthly magazine published in Oriya, for a long time.

He has been conferred Pragyan Bachaspati (Hony. D. Lit) by Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri

and D. Lit honour by Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Tirupati. Mr. Patnaik is widely known for his outstanding contribution to Journalism and Oriya literature.He was an eminent student leader during the movement against British Rule and was elected President of the State Youth Congress in 1950.

He successfully led a land tenants' movement at Madhupur, Cuttack District in 1953.He was a member of the Working Committee of He was a member of the Standing Committee of the All-India Newspaper Editors' Conference from 1956 to 1960 and of the Sahitya Akademi of Orissa from 1956 to 1967.

He was a fellow of the Senate of Utkal University from 1957 to 1967.

Positions Held

Shri Patnaik was elected to the Lok Sabha from the prestigious Cuttack constituency in 1971.

He was Deputy Minister of Defence in Mrs. Gandhi's Cabinet from 1973 to 1975 and, later Minister of State for Defence until 1977. He initiated many new schemes for the welfare of ex-servicemen and brought about improvements in the cantonment administration in the country.

Shri Patnaik was again elected to the Lok Sabha during the Lok Sabha Election held in January, 1980 and was the Union Cabinet Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation and Labour. Later that year, Shri Patnaik was unanimously elected as Leader of the Congress (I) Legislative Party of Orissa, and became the Chief Minister.

For the second time in 1985 he was unanimously elected as leader of the Congress (I) party of Orissa and was sworn in as Chief Minister of Orissa.

Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik took over the charge of Chief Minister for the third term on 15th March, 1995.

He was the leader of opposition in the Orissa Legislative Assembly from 2004 – 2009 and appointed Chancellor of the prestigious Tirupati Sanskrit University in Tirupati in 2008.

Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik was sworn in as Governor of Assam on 11th December 2009.

Sir Akbar Hydari(1947-48) Name:
Sir Akbar Hydari, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
4-5-1947 t0 28-12-1948

Sir Ronald Francis Lodge(1948-49) Name:
Sir Ronald Francis Lodge, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
30-12-1948 to 15-02-1949

Shri Sri Prakasa(1949) Name:
Shri Sri Prakasa
Term Of Office :
16-2-1949 to 26-5-1949

Shri Jairamdas Daulat Ram(1949-56) Name:
Shri Jairamdas Daulat Ram
Term Of Office :
27-5-1949 to 14-5-1956

Sir Saiyid Fazal Ali(1956-59) Name:
Sir Saiyid Fazal Ali
Term Of Office :
15-5-1956 to 22-8-1959

Justice C P Sinha(1959) Name:
Justice C P Sinha, Chief Jutice, Assam
Term Of Office :
23-08-1959 to 13-10-1959

General(Retd) Satyavant Mallannath Shrinagesh(1959-60) Name:
General (Retd) Satyavant Mallannath Shrinagesh
Term Of Office :
14-10-1959 to 12-11-1960

Shri Vishnu Sahay(1960-61) Name:
Shri Vishnu Sahay, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
13-11-1960 to 12-2-1961

General (Retd) Satyavant Mallannath Shrinagesh(1961-62) Name:
General (Retd) Satyavant Mallannath Shrinagesh
Term Of Office :
13-2-1961 to 07-09-1962

Shi Vishnu Sahay(1962-68) Name:
Shi Vishnu Sahay, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
08-9-1962 to 16-04-1968

Shri B.K. Nehru(1968-70) Name:
Shri B.K. Nehru, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
17-4-1968 to 7-12-1970

Justice P K Goswami(1970-71) Name:
Justice P K Goswami
Chief Justice, Assam
Term Of Office :
08-12-1970 to 04-01-1971

Shri B.K. Nehru(1971-73) Name:
Shri B.K. Nehru, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
05-01-1971 to 18-9-1973

Shri L.P. Singh(1973-81) Name:
Shri L.P. Singh, ICS (Retd)
Term Of Office :
19-9-1973 to 11-8-1981

Shri Prakash Mehrotra(1981-84) Name:
Shri Prakash Mehrotra
Term Of Office :
12-8-1981 to 28-3-1984

Justice T S Misra(1984) Name:
Justice T S Misra
Term Of Office :
29-03-1984 to 15-04-1984

Shri Bhisma Narain Singh(1984-89) Name:
Shri Bhisma Narain Singh
Term Of Office :
16-4-1984 to 11-5-1989

Shri Harideo Joshi(1989) Name:
Shri Harideo Joshi
Term Of Office :
12-5-1989 to 26-7-1989

Shri Justice A Roghuvir(1989-90) Name:
Shri Justice A Roghuvir, Chief Justice, Assam
Term Of Office :
27-7-1989 to 1-5-1990

Shri D D Thakur(1990-91) Name:
Shri D D Thakur
Term Of Office :
2-5-1990 to 16-3-1991

Shri Lok Nath Misra(1991-97) Name:
Shri Lok Nath Misra
Term Of Office :
17-3-1991 to 31-8-1997

Lt Gen (Retd) S K Sinha(1997-2003) Name:
Lt Gen (Retd) S K Sinha, PVSM
Term Of Office :
01-09-1997 to 04-06-2003

Lt Gen (Retd) Ajai Singh(2003-08) Name:
Lt Gen (Retd) Ajai Singh, PVSM, AVSM
Term Of Office :
05-06-2003 to 03-07-2008

Shiv Charan Mathur(2008-09) Name:
Shiv Charan Mathur
Term Of Office :
4-7-2008 to 25-6-2009

Shri K Sankaranarayanan(2009) Name:
Shri K Sankaranarayanan
Term Of Office :
26-6-2009 to 26-7-2009

Syed Sibtey Razi(2009) Name:Syed Sibtey Razi
Term Of Office:27-7-2009 to 10-12-2009

Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik(2009) Name:
Shri Janaki Ballav Patnaik
Term Of Office :
11-12-2009 -