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(2) Click Here to View the Guideline for Filling up of Immovable Property Returns Statement of ACS Officers
Column No.1 :
(Precise location)
(a) For each of the Land/House/Flat, particulars of schedule of land are to be given.

(b) In respect of Flat, Name of the city/town alongwith with the locality is to be given in Sub- Column 2 of Column 1 , ie Revenue Town/Village.
Name of the Society/Flat is to be given in Sub-Column 3 of Column 1 ie Patta No.
Flat No is to be given in Sub-Column 4 of Column 1 ie Dag No.
Net Area of the Flat is to be given in Sub-Column 5 of Column 1.
Column No.2 :
(Nature of land)
Nature of land i.e. whether it is agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial is to be given.
Column No.3 :
(Extent of interest)
Extent of interest i.e. whether it is whole or part or joint ownership of the plot of Land/ House/ Flat is to be given in column 3.
Column No.4 :
(Land use pattern)
Pattern of land use, whether it is vacant or used for House/Flat/ Agriculture/Industry or Commercial is to be given in column no.4 along with detail information if the House is multistoried.
Column No.5 & 6 :
(Value of the land)
In column 5, registered value of the Land/House/Flat at the time of acquiring/ purchasing is to be provided along with approximate present market value in column no.6. In respect of inheritance of Land/House/Flat only present market value is to be provided.
Column No.7 :
(If not in own name, state in whose name & his/her relationship to the officer)
Properties acquired / purchased by the immediate family members is to be given in column 7 along with his/ her relationship with the officer.
Column No.8 :
(How acquired)
Properties how acquired, whether by purchase, lease, mortgage, inheritance, gift or otherwise is to be provided with dates of actualization & name with details from whom acquired
Column No.9 :
(Annual income from the property)
Annual income from the property through rent or agricultural/industrial/commercial use is to be given in column no 9.
Column No.10 :
Any other information which has not been incorporated in columns 1-9 may be given in column no.10.

(3) Click Here to View IPR eForm Submission Instructions
Step 1: Calendar Year: Select the year from the list given in the drop-down list
Step 2: Name: Enter your name in the textbox
* the length of the name should not be greater than 99 characters
Step 3: Occupation/Designation: Select Designation from the list given in the drop-down list.
* if the required Occupation/Designation is NOT in the given drop-down list, then select "Others" and enter your Occupation/Designation in the text box.
Step 4: Enter Basic Pay with Grade Pay, Total Allowance (Medical, DA, HRA, etc.) and Total Deduction (Professional Tax, GIS, GPR, Loan, Advance, IT)in the respective box. The Gross Pay and Net Salary will be AUTOMATICALLY calculated.
Step 5: Precise Location: Type the Mauza Name, Patta No., Dag No. and Net Area. To enter Revenue Location, Select from the drop-down list.
* in case of Flats, read the Guidelines carefully
Step 6: Nature of Land: Select the required entry from the drop-down list.
* if the required entry is NOT in the drop-down list, then select "Others" and enter the value in the text box.
Step 7: Extent of Interest: Enter the value in %
Step 8: Enter Land Use Pattern, Value of the Land & House/Building/Flat at the time of acquiring/purchase, Value of the Land & House/Building/Flat (Present Value), If not in own name, state in whose name and his/her relationship to the officer.
Step 9 : How Acquired: Select the nature from the drop-down List. Date of Actualization: Click on the Calender image and select the date. Name from whom acquired: Enter the name.
Step 10 : Enter Annual Income and Remarks.
Step 11 : Select Personal Declaration checkbox.


(a) Add Rows to the table: Click Add Icon. Remove Rows: Click respective Add Icon
(b) To Save the form as PDF, click on the PDF icon after all the mandatory fields have been entered.
(c) After you submit the eform, option to generate recepit will be displayed. The generated receipt can be printed.
(d) Save Locally: You can use the Save Locally option to save the IPR form on your machine for later submission. Whenever you are online again, you can double-click on the stored file, edit data if required, and submit the form.
(e) Please note that the form once submitted cannot be edited or undone.

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